Best Career Path in IT Networking

Have you ever considered a career in IT Networking? Professionals with IT qualifications, including networking, are in high demand both in Australia and around the world.
As companies increase their reliance on technology, the demand for employees with networking technology qualifications and experience also increases. Industries across the career spectrum depend on computer networking to keep employees connected and businesses flowing.

If you’re looking to build a career in an industry which offers great job satisfaction, access to evolving technologies, a rewarding salary, constant challenges and a good career pathway, then completing an IT diploma course is a great way to achieve all this.

Networking starts with basic logic and connections. If you enjoy working with computers and have completed some secondary school maths, you could be ready to start your networking career by enrolling in a diploma.

Computer Power Institute offers an online Diploma in IT Networking which is designed for those who are interested in learning about network design, installation and management including the following:

o Managing computer hardware and security
o Understanding cloud computing and green IT concepts
o Trouble shooting network issues
o Configuring virtual and wireless networks
o Continuing professional development

After completing the Diploma of IT networking you will be prepared for positions such as IT Administrator, Networking Support, Network Services Administrator, Network Operations Analyst and Infrastructure Support.

The Computer Power IT networking diploma has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of employers and is fully compliant and nationally recognised.

With the flexibility that online learning provides, students are able to complete their diploma in 16 months. Studying 25 hours per week on average (100 hours per month) would enable a qualification to be obtained in this timeframe. All assessments are required to be completed within the 28-month time limit.

Our Career Support Centre offers valuable resources including career guidance, resume building, cover letter tailoring, interview tips and ongoing support throughout the interview process to help you secure IT employment.

Your computer IT diploma, resume, interview preparation and Vendor Certifications will give you the edge while job hunting. Students are also provided with a free one year membership to the Australian Computer Society after their first census date.

Membership provides access to professional development programs and conferences and events within the profession. Membership can also connect you to a network of 21,000 IT professionals offering collaboration opportunities, career support, industry insights and the chance to meet your next employer!

So do you think you might be interested in completing a diploma of information technology online? Contact us today or chat to a Career Consultant who can help you determine which IT course is the one for you.

How to Tackle Talent Crunch?

“If 4,00,000 engineers come out of India every year, the equivalent in China is 1.2 million and they are all of very high quality”, said Mr.Padmabhan, executive vice president for global human resources at Indian IT services company TCS.


The problem presently being faced in the job market is not scarcity of jobs but scarcity of talent. It is a problem of unemployability not unemployment. In the past, we had unemployment where applicants had the eligibility, suitability and capability towards jobs but unfortunately there were not many employment opportunities. After the liberation, privatization and globalization, the industrial climate in India had drastically changed for better and fortunately there are ample employment opportunities in India. But the problem prevailing now is of unemployability where people have eligibility not having suitability and capability despite availability of employment opportunities. It is like having everything on the platter in front of you but not able to eat. It is also like having plenty of water in the ocean but the applicants are not in a position to drink due to talent crunch. In this context, it is pertinent to briefly explain about education, training and development.


Education is a broader concept and it provides all round knowledge, skills, aptitudes etc., Training is the narrow area, functional area and is more or less related to job. According to Flippo, “Training is the act of increasing the knowledge and skills of an employee for doing a particular job”. An automobile engineer having formal education, at times, may not be as capable of an automobile mechanic without formal education because of the training the latter had. The mechanic after working very hard continuously and mechanically for a long period becomes an expert not by education but by training and experience. It is like saying that, in a clinic, a compounder is better than a doctor who acquired a professional qualification. On the other hand, development is career oriented which helps in the growth of the individual as well as the institution. Talent crunch occurs if there is no synergy amongst education, training and development. To put it precisely, talent crunch can be addressed if there is synchronization and coordination in the three areas of education, training and development. Talent crunch need not to take place before the joining of the applicant in an organization. It can prevail even after joining in the organization, if the organization does not get tuned with the external changes, either technological, competitive or human relations front.


The present Indian educational system is not in right pace with the global education and is based on rote learning. It stifles creativity and innovation and encourages cramming, mugging up and by hearting the contents. Students, in stead of understanding, analyzing and interpreting the information they read and reproduce during the examinations. In such a scenario, how can we have talented stuff?

Now a days, guides have proved to be handy and students score high marks only by reading the guides and the previous model question papers during the exams. They are not reading variety of books. Referring diversified books provide different, divergent and wider knowledge base and unfortunately that is missing now. They score highest marks in the academic exams and take the competitive exams where they face a lot of heat. Unfortunately there also, too many guides that glide the students to clear the written tests in the competition. And the final heat is in the interview where they fail miserably because here memory may not support much but the employers look for various qualities like communication skills, team spirit, leadership skills, analytical skills, problem solving skills, flexibility, adaptability and absorbability. Research reveals that 2 out of 10 of the recruited employees really possess the skills related to job and the rest do not possess but still are being absorbed because the companies do not like to keep the vacancies unfilled. Every company looks for plug and play recruits. Since they are not getting they are spending huge funds to train and groom the recruited employees to make them job competent.

Even in Indian defence also there is talent crunch. Jobs for the post of Commissioned officers are available and unfortunately they are not getting right talented people and as a result, the vacancies remain unfilled as Indian defence can not compromise quality of performance.

Internet has become a big boon for students these days. Entire information is available at the click of a mouse. Everything is ready made and tailor made. Whatever they want, they get it at the click of the mouse from search engines. They simply copy and paste. It all led to stifling the thinking abilities. One way, internet has become a boon and on the other hand it has become a bane.

Dearth of creativity and innovation and the problem in the present teaching and training methodologies and the maladies in the present examination system has led to the present talent crunch.


When incompetent applicants are recruited, there is lot of spending on the training and development activities. Or else it will adversely affect the production, productivity and performance at the individual as well as the institutional level. The companies may not be in a position to compete with their global counterparts due to the dearth of talent. Employees may not be able to cope up with the working pressures due to shortage of skills and abilities and leading to higher stress levels. A sense of fear, frustration and depression may creep in the minds of the incompetent people and the work life would become hell as they can not enjoy their professional life. And ultimately it will have fall out on the personal and social life. Finally the incompetent employees may develop high stress levels thereby burning out.


Every human memorizes 20 per cent of what he listens, 30 per cent what he sees, 50 per cent of what he listens and sees and 80 per cent of what he listens, sees and does. The teaching and the training methodology should be solely centered on the three simultaneous pillars of listening, seeing and doing so as to have effective and efficient results academically. Such an approach will make the students more courageous, confident and competent.

A revolutionary change in our present educational system is the need of the hour. There should be more focus on creativity and innovative learning. Every student should be encouraged in his class room to write something of his own choice to nurture writing skills and as well as to unlock his creativity. He should be encouraged to come to the dais and speak few words so as to make him as an effective speaker. There should be quizzes, brainstorming, role playing, simulation and group discussions among the students. Every student should be encouraged to become a good reader, writer, listener and speaker as it helps him to do at the corporate world. All these things can not be achieved in overnight. The practice must start from the KG (kindergarten) level itself. There should not be any pressure to study but education ambience must be such that there is pleasure in learning.

There is no point in loading with lot of information and knowledge. Emphasis must be on quality not on quantity. Teach the topic and encourage the students to participate in group activities and discuss topic as it will help unlock their hidden talents spontaneously and also it helps to know what strength other students have towards the topic. Students should be taught and trained to think.

Story telling is an art. Humans would love to listen to stories. Each class should have a small story for a few minutes to arouse the interest in the students and along with the story the moral message can be sent and the subject can be taught gradually.

Taking lot of case studies and giving too many examples of our day to day life will help students to learn the subject as well as they will have feel of the practical world.

Socratic Method of teaching is one of the best ways of teaching. It means leaning by questioning. It helps the students to understand and grasp the contents much easily. When the question is posed by the students, the teacher must be in a position to articulate further questions to the students and should get the answers. It requires lot of involvement, enthusiasm on the part of the teacher to apply the tool and technique.


There is an adage in business, “People rise because of their hard skills and fall because of (the lack of) soft skills”. Hard skills are the domain skills and are also called technical skills. Soft skills are like non domain skills and anything other than the subjective knowledge that helps in effective communication, presentation, team building and leadership are known as soft skills. These are also known as emotional intelligence and the interpersonal skills. To put it in a nut shell, the soft skills and hard skills are two sides of the same coin and one without the other has no meaning.


Soft skills believe in nurture rather than nature. It manages the interacting between subtle and fickle human beings. It enhances the efficiency at the work place and minimizes the attrition rate. It always makes an individual stay ahead of time.

Soft skills enhance employability of the candidates and provide a solid ground to get adjusted and get along in the organizations more effectively and efficiently. These enhance the core competence and confidence of an individual. The growing widening gap between the talent supply and technical demand can be narrowed down. In a nut shell, proper training in soft skills creates more opportunities for the fresh candidates thereby minimizing the talent crunch in the job market.

There should be inclusion of soft skill subject in the academic curriculum so that students will have confidence and courage to communicate in the corporate world.

Infosys conducted 5 day work shop on Soft Skills titled Special Training Program (STP) for the teaching faculty in Hyderabad in 2007 and it is a step in the right direction and it shows the significance attached to the area of soft skills.


These days there is steady growth of corporate and soft skill trainers in India who work either full time or as freelance faculty. The companies are gradually realizing the importance of imparting right training to their employees so that they get updated, attuned with latest teaching and training methodologies and developments and stay competent and compete. All companies and especially IT and BPO companies where attrition is high have realized the role of corporate trainers and are hiring them to motivate their employees on continuity basis.

Conducting workshops, seminars and conferences periodically will help the employees release and relive from their routine burdens and monotony and they get recharged by corporate training activities and as a result they contribute the work with more energy and enthusiasm.


Try to become an all rounded personality. Focus on academic activities as well as on extra curricular activities. Balancing the both will make a complete personality. Lay stress on creative, innovative and practical method of learning where there can be blend of mind set, tool set and skill set so as to become a successful corporate professional.

How To Upgrade Yourself From CAD Manager To CIO

Everybody wants professional advancement and her we focus on the career prospect of aCAD Manager. If you’re a CAD manager who wants to take your career to the next level, the logical query could be, What’s the next level? Some CAD managers move up to become design/engineering management, while others may move into IT management — but a few might opt for career is chief information officer (CIO). This position requires equal parts of software knowledge and corporate strategy which is beyond the scope of CAD alone. For those willing to expand their scopes and put in the work, the CIO position gives career rewards in the form of great challenge and better compensation though.

In this article, we will discuss how to become and advance your career toward the CIO chair.
Career Change

First things first, if you intend to upgrade your CAD career from manager to CIO, you must understand that it is a profound change that will require substantial planning, lots of independent/academic study , significant new skills, and a fresh perspective and attitude on technology management. So you have to upgrade yourself with required skill sets which include information security, strong IT knowledge knowledge, general business, systems work flow optimization, return on investment (ROI) analysis and many more.

Lets describe a few of them in details:

Information Security

The eminence of the word information in the CIO title is your first clue that fixing company information is a big part of the job.

These issues have a very strong association with IT, but in fact, every one needs a strategic decision involving the CIO. The CIO must develop policies that protect company information and direct IT about how to best implement them.

As you think through the action items, make sure that you don’t think like an individual user but as a leader who must balance what’s best for the business as a whole with the needs of users. It’s not always easy to take that higher-level opinion, but that’s what is needed for an effective CIO.
Strong IT Knowledge

Many of the CIO’s work policy decisions are based heavily on knowledge of existing network and IT systems.

If your existing IT skill set is solid, you’ll need to start a discovery process to understand how everything in your existing network is fitted. On the other hand, if your IT skill set is weak then you should take some online or basic education so that all network concepts mentioned are familiar to you. Ultimately a CIO will have to manage the business’ IT infrastructure and doing that will be nearly impossible without a solid general IT knowledge.

Workflow Concerns

The truly tech savvy CIO doesn’t think about tools alone, but also about the work-flow methods and their optimization.

Part technical expert, part user, part financial officer, the CIO must think of everything to solve the workflow jigsaw puzzle.
Return on Investment (ROI) Analysis

As you advance your CAD management responsibilities, start thinking like a CIO but using ROI logic to justify your decisions financially. This new thought process won’t take hold overnight, but it will become natural over the time and make you more effective in getting your budget requests approved by the senior management because you’ll be making a strong financial case for any future purchase you propose.
Education and Experience Background

In terms of educational background, the CIOs typically have a bachelor’s degree in IT, management information systems, engineering, or project management combined with years of in-the-duration experience making technology work. And although some business will only hire a CIO who has an MBA, more business today are hiring CIOs who can offer the company a cutting edge through strong industry-specific experience and managing technology changes rather than favoring theoretical studies.

Your CAD management experience will count toward the qualifications for a CIO position, but definitely the self-discipline to enhance your education shows strong motivation, organization, and mental skills that hiring managers notice.
Staff Management Experience

Last but not the least includes staff management. Specifically, a CIO would likely look over the IT director and staff, the CAD manager and IT and equipment contractors.

An effective CIO is can delegate tasks and effectively manage the staff . Becoming a good staff manager takes time and effort, but it is a skill that can be mastered with practice.

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Current Opportunities: Presales Consultant at Wallace Associates Inc

The Company

Our client is the world leader in solving critical documentation issues for enterprise-level organizations and governments, enabling them to operate more efficiently and profitably. The company offers a full suite of software, training, and professional services based off their international content standard for creation, management, and deployment of mission-critical content.

The Job

With your background as Technical Writer you will play a key role in supporting our Account Executives. Work with clients to define their documentation pains and needs; scope and design documentation solutions to improve and streamline clients’ content lifecycle.

Work with our National Account Managers to help our clients by offering professional services, training, and technology to – create a content strategy, – create or transform their content to make it easier to find and use, and – manage the distribution of content throughout its lifecycle.

Develop high level proposals:

•Communicate with the delivery team to include correct estimates and assumptions

•Brief the delivery team on won projects

Build a library of topics that can be reused in proposals, also by other people

Develop and write documentation for client projects.

Work with our International presales consultants and product manager to transfer knowledge and share best practices.

Innovate and research products and services according to technology evolution and client’s needs. Contribute to information architecture and content design idea

The Marketing Director’s duties will include:

-Define the needs of our Clients and suggest the most appropriate solution

-Scope documentation and information management projects

-Develop high level proposals

•Communicate with the delivery team to include correct estimates and assumptions

•Brief the delivery team on won projects

•Build a library of topics that can be reused in proposals, also by other people

What It Takes:

The selected candidate will have:

•Be an excellent writer: accurate, clear and consistent

•5+ years’ experience in technical writing, content development, or similar

•Have very good analytical skills to be able to think along with the customer, suggest the best possible solution and make correct and complete estimates

•Have experience working on documentation projects as a writer

•Knowledge of the Information Mapping® method is an asset

•Be a team player, prepared to work in a supporting yet crucial role

•Have experience in scoping projects

•Have a good working knowledge of and/or interest in authoring tools and technology like HTML, CSS, XML and relational databases is an asset

•Experience with DITA, CMS, DMS, authoring tools and content reuse strategies

•Experience in a similar position is an asset

•Be prepared to travel

•Ability to work in a startup culture where processes and deliverables aren’t always predefined

•Demonstrated ability to manage multiple deliverables within tight deadlines

•You bring passion and enthusiasm to your job every day and embrace change

•You thrive in a collaborative environment, are flexible, and enjoy working with others

•You’re self-directed and eager to learn

Why Apply?

Our client is an industry leader who helps enterprise-level organizations and governments operate more efficiently and profitably. Our client offers a challenging opportunity, and an excellent compensation and benefits package in a business casual environment. Our client is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Feel the conveniences of job agencies having a designated position in job

Job is a hazardous issue as getting a suitable workplace is hard to find. Everyday new businesses have flourished and those places require huge work force as labor and employee. Every one finds the most suitable human resource that is profitable for business, which helps to earn more money to increase production etc. Thus, there is a huge competition in the job market. The person who can be able to prove his or her efficiency to do better has a greater chance to have a good employment. After the establishment of a new business, it needs capable work force that moment. However, if you are finding a job that suits your individuality and specialty how can you know about the vacant places of job market? You can know this from some advertisement in print or electronic media. But for this you have a regular access on those advertisement medias finding the better opportunity. Days are changing very fast and in this era internet is the most useful technology that even helps you to find your preferred occupation.

Do you know the term ‘Job Consultancy’? This term has benefitted the job seekers immensely with the use of internet, the latest technology. It is the destination where you can find your desired employment even not visiting the place. It can be said as the best bridge between employer and employee. Those new businesses inform their requirements to the distinguished employment agency and thus they have an accurate knowledge about the vacant places at your city. When you find a good job, you just have to contact this bridge to know about the entire information of your intended field. You do not need to find newspaper advertisement or anything else. Moreover, the most interesting thing is, these agencies are secured and reliable in their services. Not a single service but a peerless one provides multiple numbers of services for their clients. These services include:

1. Offering educational classes

2. Personality development

3. Providing useful advices by the experts

4. Assessment

5. Audiovisual training

6. Interview training and questionnaire

7. E learning

8. Grooming

9. Resume modification

10. Customized course of your field and many more uncountable assistance

Fresher and experienced individuals get support to make them established more charmingly with the help of a peerless job consultancy. More knowledge you will be able to gather to make your interview secured. The agency provides the services through the wise and skilled job consultants, recruited there. The consultants have knowledge about contemporary offers and opportunities of job market and accordingly they guide you to grasp the highest designation of your educational background. Fresher needs these guidance more than an experienced employee as fresher are new and they need to prepare them more appreciable for the presentation at interview table. The best Manual job registration in Kolkata offers the best services that are convenient for fresher to make them fit for job market. If you are a fresher, know about the most lucrative Current Job Openings in Kolkata by contacting a reliable job agency. If you are a student and do not have much time for attending classes, you can get online help by a leading agency. Search online and choose the best for your bright future.

5 Careers You Can Pursue If You Are a Make-Up Course Graduate

Makeup artists almost always do not get the credit they deserve. These professionals, unfortunately, are often underrated because they always work behind the scenes. However, this does not mean that their job is unimportant since in reality their work is no simple task and takes years of experience and training in order to perfect.

If you wish to become part of the beauty industry, to become a professional makeup artist in particular, then you may want to start chasing your dreams today. The good thing about dreaming about becoming a pro makeup artist is that there is no age limit. You can start young or older. Hence, if you are sick and tired of your current job, you can always switch career to becoming a makeup artist.

The truth is that Australia’s beauty industry continues to thrive and emerge, which means professionals in this industry can expect job security and lucrative work. As it is, the industry is always looking to hire qualified and competent individuals. You may wonder about the employment opportunities in case you would pursue a career in make-up styling, which is why this article will list down some of the many opportunities you are likely to bump into in the future.

By taking up makeup up courses and undergoing months or years of training, you can become a professional makeup artist before you know it. If you have the sufficient training and experience, you can work in different industries, including beauty, fashion, body and face painting, theater, and television and film.

1. Beauty

The beauty industry is constantly looking for people who have experience and training in makeup styling. If you just recently got your diploma in makeup course, you can start in this industry by becoming a makeup sales associate at a department store, cosmetic company, or beauty salon. Many successful makeup artists started from this type of entry-level job.

2. Fashion

The world of fashion is always in need of experienced and skilled makeup artists. If you have sufficient experience and solid skills, you can easily build a career in the fashion industry. You can become a makeup artist for ramp models and print ad models. This job pays relatively high, which is why companies are looking for applicants who have expansive portfolio.

3. Body and face painting

The demand for body and face painting has increased over the past years. Makeup artists who do face and body paintings can get gigs at children’s parties, social gatherings, family events, and even themed corporate events. If you have handful of experience and resources, you can actually start your own small body and face painting business.

4. Theater

Theater productions are no good without make-up. Stage actors and actresses need to wear noticeable makeup styles in order for the audiences to distinguish their characters’ persona, emotions, and characteristics. Therefore, if you have passion for theater and you are a trained makeup artist, you can find a good career in doing the makeup of theater actors and actresses.

5. Television and film

The entertainment industry never stops from looking for the best makeup artists. Television programs are not complete without actors and actresses wearing beautiful and appropriate makeup. Working in this industry is really fulfilling because if you do great, you can be awarded with glamorous recognitions through television and film awards. If you want to become part of this industry, then you would need to have years of experience and to build your reputation.

The beauty industry in Australia continues to emerge because the demand for its professionals never goes unnoticed. As it is, if you a stable and fulfilling career, you may want to take up make up courses and become a professional makeup artist in the near future.

5 Tips for Landing a Job Over 50

There are successful women everywhere in today’s business world. But women over 50 have something special: experience and a lot of it! Some of the same women are finding themselves on the hunt for a new job after being with one company for most of their career.

At the end of 2015, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released a jobs report that revealed employment in professional and business services are continuing to trend upwards with 27,000 jobs being added in November. Also, over the last few years complaints of age discrimination have been on the decline. Even with good news like this, some women over 50 are afraid that their age will keep them from landing a new job. But the truth is, their years of experience will be valuable to any future employer. By leveraging their age as a strength, older workers can improve their odds of success when on the hunt for a new job.

If you are over age 50, here are 5 tips to help you when searching for a new job:

1. Use Your Relationships

The advantage that older workers have over their younger counterparts is a long relationship with the people in their industry. Use the personal and business networks that you have developed during your career to help you out. If you are referred to an employer, your chance of scoring an interview dramatically increases. Try and join a network like LinkedIn to bring these relationships online to have an even stronger advantage. To grow your network, you should follow relevant blogs and LinkedIn groups. Lastly, remember to be a part of the discussions online and your expertise will be noticed.

2. Being Tech Savvy

You should maintain a proficiency in communicating through email and other electronic mediums. This will alleviate any worries a hiring manager may have of your ability to work efficiently within their company. If you are lacking in your tech-savviness, it’s time to practice up or enroll in some computer efficiency classes. If you don’t have a smartphone, you should switch to one and invest the time in learning to use it. When a hiring manager notices your phone, he or she will see more than just a shiny smart device, they will see a potential employee who can operate and fit in with their company’s culture.

3. Create An “Ageless Resume”

If it has been a while since the last time you were searching for a job, it’s time to dust off your resume and breathe some new life into it. The strategy for writing your resume should be to highlight your experience and avoid details that will make you sound “old on paper.” You could still be quite youthful in your appearance or energy, but sounding too old to a young hiring manager could be enough to keep you from an interview.

Always be honest on your resume. Your goal here is to score an interview, not lie about your age. If possible, remove any work history older than 10 years, your accomplishments in that time frame will likely be the most impressive and the most relevant. Also, remove your date of graduation from your alma mater. In a perfect world, your experience should trump your age, but if you’re serious about getting a job, you’re going to have to do what you can to score an interview.

4. Strategically Target Employers

There are some employers who purposefully search for older workers. In certain businesses, your age will not be a mark against you, but they will actually put your resume on the top of the pile. For example, financial service firms usually have older clientele and prefer older employees who can relate better with their clients. Do some research in your industry. Target positions where being older and more experienced will be seen as a strength over youthfulness.

5. Practice For Your Interviews

It has most likely been some time since your last interview. Practice with a friend or work with a career expert who can coach and prepare you. Remember to prepare a few questions of your own for the interviewer to show that you are serious and interested in working there. Avoid talking about personal topics. If you’re nervous, you may let your guard down and reveal personal details such as a health issue that could make a hiring manager reluctant to choose you for the position.

Your job search may require a little more effort, but it’s not impossible. With a little optimism and resourcefulness, your efforts will land you the job that you deserve.

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How To Look For Jobs

Looking for a job is a very exhausting process for many. Everyone wants a good job, but not everyone tries hard enough to find a good job. The process of job search involves filling out various job application forms and send resume and cover letters to different organizations. However, still they do not achieve success and get the desired job.

If you are looking for a job, you need to dedicate a lot of time to it. The first thing you need to decide is where you want to begin your search from. You need to be focused and dedicated. If you know what you can do and where you want to do it, here are certain ways you can look for jobs in Durgapur:

– Update your Resume- Read your resume at least 2-3 times for any spelling or other errors. It is important to have a good resume and a cover letter prepared before you start your job. Your resume will be the first impression on the employers. You can find various tips for writing a resume online.

– Post your resume on job sites- The largest source of job postings is the various job sites. You can find hundreds of jobs listed on various sites. Register on those sites and fill all the details properly. You get regular notifications whenever a job is posted matching your resume.

– Networking- This is also a good way to look for jobs. It is one of the quickest ways of getting a job. It basically means being in touch with people you know and meeting new people.

– LinkedIn- It is one of the most powerful and effective professional social network site. It is the best online stage to connect with people who must be working at your target companies. You can find various job postings on this site and connects directly with your employer.

– Social Media- It has become a powerful tool for marketing, as well as job search. Many recruiters have dedicated facebook pages for recruiting.

– Recruiters and Staffing Firms- There are various job consultation agencies who charge a specific fee for providing you with matching job offers and scheduling interviews.

– Employment Newspapers- They are still very popular among job seekers. You can easily find them in a local stationery shop.

Finding jobs in Durgapur is not a difficult thing if you know what exactly you are looking for. There are various sources you can use to accelerate your job search.

Career Prospects for BCA and MCA Aspirants

BCA and MCA Courses
Generally students complete both graduation and post graduation in continuation i.e. BCA after MCA or perhaps MBA. These graduates then move to Information Technology (IT) sector. A BCA degree provides groundwork for this field while an MCA degree provides specialization.

In BCA, the students explore the basics of technological applications through these subjects-

System analysis
Statistic and optimization technique
Data base management system
Business data processing

In MCA, the students study the similar subjects but not at an elementary level. Moreover, they also undertake some project work during the final semester in a specific area of their interest.

Specialization options in MCA are management information system, systems management, and systems development.

Employment Prospects in India
After completing both BCA and MCA from any of the Top MCA Colleges in India, you will have a multitude of options to resort to. Some students prefer to work after completing BCA, and then later on they pursue MCA. When one has gained substantial work experience, it becomes easier to grab even better position after higher studies and requisite skill set.

The objective of both the courses is to equip the students with technical languages. During MCA, a student also specializes in a specific area. Thereafter, one can think of the positions like systems management, software developer and web designer.

The software engineers work at diverse levels and shoulder varied responsibilities as per their position. In this sector, career opportunities rely on the systems requirements. In small scale enterprises, a couple of software engineers can tackle the entire system easily due to less complexity. On the other hand, in massive organizations, there is a huge department dedicated to systems and specialists are hired to handle specific arenas. Generally these specialists hold the positions like-

Quality assurance engineer
Software architect
Design engineer
Java developer

The major tasks of these professionals involve following-

Development of software to ease the environment at work place
Integrate software with existing systems
Test the feasibility of the new software
Maintain and document software functionality
Make the software user-friendly

As one gets promoted to a senior position, though the responsibilities almost same, they just also have to supervise the junior level professionals working under him/her.

BCA and MCA degree course enable you to work in IT firms at different levels. Those who have the skill set will never run out of opportunities. Digital revolution has also contributed to the jobs concerned with web services. If you do not want to be associated to a company, you can work as a consultant, if you have specialized in core languages.

Essential Skills
If you are seeking admission in any of the Best BCA Colleges in India, then you will have to take the entrance test. One should have studied Mathematics at school level. Those who had had a background in science, they will have an edge over those who did not. Their logical thinking let them have a better grasp over the others.